Leaping into the new year.. literally


Hey its me again! 



So firstly a huge apology for the fact that I ended my last post saying how much I would be posting as I attempted to get out and get more things done. My only excuse however is that I did in fact take out my bucket list and attempt some of it- which is why I have been too busy to write about it all. BUT this is all about to change as summer school has not inflicted its pain upon me which means I am looking for ways to procrastinate studying, therefore will certainly be posting more about what things I have been up to and the changes coming for this promising year.

So with pleasure I, like many others, am very glad to say goodbye to 2016 and extremely happy to welcome in 2017. I’m personally not sure why everyone felt this way about 2016 but it certainly was a year of change, learning and endings. My new goal is to let those that made up the bad sit in the past and to focus my energy on the opportunities staring at me within this new year.

For starters, I realised that for some reason I’ve always felt that my life was “yet to start”, not exactly sure what I’ve been waiting for but theres always been a wall between whatever is going on now compared to what I believe is coming or hope to come. It took me heartbreak, health trauma, failures and a couple of tears to realise that actually as I’ve been waiting for my “real life” to start, its actually happening right in front of me–> and frankly i’ve been missing out on doing the things I’ve always dreamed about.

It was a huge step to make this blog and to publish it, ive had blogs for years just never shared it with people I know, but I’ve finally done that and proud to say with it have connected with people that are incredible and hugely inspiring.

I knew that to commemorate this new found knowledge that “my life has begun” I needed to actually take a look at my bucket list (its actually so long its a book now- so really my bucket book), and actually DO SOMETHING onthere not just talk about it. 

So ladies and gents I am proud to say I have finally completed a bungy jump. With feeling like I was falling for all of 2016 I thought I should run with the idea of jumping off a bridge but use the coming back up as a chance to make some crucial but exciting changes and grasp new opportunities.

So here I am leaping into 2017, no fear, no regrets just one long bucket list and a new year