DAY ONE: A second chance at life.

So I am back, charged up and it’s time for some BIG NEWS, and BIG CHANGES.

But first a short story:

Sunrise at piha1Initially, I started this blog with no purpose, I was forced by friends to go public and attempt blogging properly considering the numerous times I tried and failed with other blogs. Given my lack of purpose, I never spent much time working on posts, or editing photos let alone regularly posting.

But someone told me once that I was in a position where I needed something from the world and they needed something from me- people needed to hear about the challenges I face with my health issues- and I needed them to raise their awareness and more importantly to help me out. I never started the blog to gain attention or to draw a pity party, but I did hope it could inspire other people (like me or not) to keep going even when life uses you as a punching bag.

So I made the scary attempt to tell people about how I do dialysis and how this whole saga began. Surprisingly what happened was completely unexpected I was contacted by someone who wanted to donate and from there, things got set. One year later I am here telling you that Its time for me to embark on a second transplant in A WEEK. Funnily enough, this transplant is not coming from that person who contacted me, or her sister.. its actually from someone else. Someone who I currently do not know and someone who I hope to locate through these posts and more.

So here’s my new plan:  

As I am going in for surgery in a week or so I am not allowed any visitors or even flowers (will explain why later), so I decided the best way to update everyone on my progress and to eventually try source down who is donating this kidney- would be to post about whats happening as I go through it all.

S you will definitely be hearing a lot more from me. This is just the beginning, can’t explain how excited and nervous I am.