Play on!


William Shakespeare- If music be the food of love, play on! – Twelfth Night.

Walking in staring at the bright lights, as we entered in an extreme rush (late ofcourse),running to secure a place right there staring forward stage right. The sky above was gleaming colours of dark blue, sprinkled with bright stars, all looking down upon the wooden platform, the doors. Every second counting down to something amazing. Although as late as it was, there was still something about this night that stated clearly it was going to open itself and let us witness a show that would leave us enchanted and hungry for more.  I was worried from the start whether or not my guest tonight was going to enjoy this or rather want to rush away upon the opening line. I was more petrified as to whether standing for 2 1/2 hours will deem him to never want to come to any of my ideas again. The door opened, the crowd quietened and I looked upon the face of a young man dressed in a very timely frilling black dress…

I could continue but that itself may bore you. The night was spectacular, we booked tickets to something that I have read about for years and only could have dreamt to experience. Celebrating Shakespeare, Auckland City have created an architectural masterpiece, A pop-up Globe theatre. The theatre is a prominent exact replica of the original globe in which Shakespeare had once brought to life and showcased his original characters of Romeo, Juliet and The Duke.

What amazed me more was the crowd, the enjoyment they had to experience a once in a lifetime event of the Twelfth Night in open air. From young to old, each with their own distinct laughter which filled the wooden walls and crept its way up to the Sunday night sky. I was in awe, as a shakespeare lover and a budding actress to see the way these actors ripped into our chests and made us gasp for air between coughs of laughter. They even went as far as making us feel a part of the performance, an aspect. Standing like apeasant.. heck no!.. ah it felt like we were above the riches and royalty down there as the actors ran among us playing hide and seek and teasing us with their cheeky smiles. I would say even with being lost with the jargon the kinetic dances and facial expressions left little to the imagination- I could figure out who and what was happening in a 2

Without a doubt I have to say everyone in Auckland head over and see something, fall in love with an amazing cultural performance and go home wishing your legs could stand again for another production.

Couldn’t think of a better way to begin the blog then to talk about something I am smiling about even a week after it happened.



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