Summer Daze..

Summer has begun

Finally, after waiting anxiously for a very long time freedom has graced me with its presence. This year without a doubt has been one of the hardest tests Ive faced, with various learning curves each month that has made me openly question alot of things around me.Its made me realise that there is alot of things that you cannot control but that in the process of a routine and mundane lifestyle we forget that theres alot of things we actually do have control over but never grasp such opportunities. Things such as seeing what the world is like, engaging in helping other people, putting ourselves out there to try new things, taste new adventures.

So with such a realization I ofcourse have to do something about it! I’ve decided to start making progress on some of the many ‘bucket lists’ I have. I’m literally 7 days away from turning 22 and my 12 year old self would kick me

realising that at a week before my 22nd birthday the things I have wanted to achieve are yet to be attempted. So many people I know travel far and wide to come to New Zealand (where I live) to see the amazing beauty this place holds, sadly for me I am yet to see what this paradise has to offer.

As I am waiting on the kidney transplant list its better for me to stay in the country before I venture out and potentially miss a huge opportunity. So therefore with all this in mind I figured this summer I am going to try see as much as I can of this wondrous place and share it on the blog to encourage people like myself to go out and experience our backyard. My aim is is to inspire people that feel things are not in their control and show them how to get back their independence to achieve their goals and make it a goal to help others achieve theirs!

Wish me luck!


Part one: A greater tragedy to end Romeo and Juliet

  Part one: A greater tragedy to end Romeo and Juliet 14th April 2010  I was standing there that morning freezing cold. Unbeknown to anyone, I decided that day to I layer myself up…  four layers and counting all hidden beneath the thickness of a woollen school jumper. As a drama fanatic, I had been awaiting this day for a very long time. It was the day we embarked on a trip to the University of Auckland to watch the famous Romeo and Juliet in all its Shakespearean Glory. I had dreamt […]

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Closing doors and breaking down windows

    After 3 months, several health troubles and experiencing a break up, my mind has been locked elsewhere in a vast and empty space and I have been trying to slowly crawl my way back to this world…After wanting to delete the blog and run away from everyone and anything,  I’ve realised instead that it’s probably about time I used this opportunity to share some real stories not just the pretty photos that mask a sad reality. Understanding these issues may bring some awareness to what I’m experiencing but also […]

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Getting lost on the North Shore

  Technically a month late with this story but it was something I wanted to wait to share. Basically the day started off myself and few friends sorting through sheets of biological material searching and counting various things in the water for a biological project. It ended up with myself walking around for hours stranded on the beach and without a ride back to East Auckland. Rather funnily it winded up being one of the more greater things I have done in a while, being stuck somewhere with no car, […]

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Log o Wood Adventures

My second year heading to Hamilton with all the law students… This time the drinking was slightly less than the last year, the sports were actually entertaining and the spirit was fierce. Everyone was dressed in their best ‘american’ themed outfits, myself and my band of losers we decided to be cowboys and cowgirls, sporting plaid shirts and short-shorts.. note .. this barely fit my exponentially growing ass. Before I explain what actually occurred that night it’s best to explain what this Log-o Wood event really is. Basically, Auckland Uni […]

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Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake

Without a doubt I am the worst, at baking and cooking and anything people usually expect me to be good at. But I have got the knack for finding simple easy baking recipes that actually work. And trust me if I can manage something like this, you can probably do it much better than myself. Try it out and comment how it goes. My baking experience stems as far as wanting something to have with the 8 cups of tea I consume and this poppy seed cake + tea= […]

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Tips to-do: how to make them worthwhile

With mid-terms around the corner and stressing me out. I am needed to do more things with little time. I’ve done some research and mostly found in terms of organising a persons day there are many ways to do so but there’s one way I encourage for everyone to try. I tested this out on my mother and even she got more things done in half a day at home than ever before!—> mother tested =  full proof. The way to do things, is to set up a proper […]

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Play on!

  William Shakespeare- If music be the food of love, play on! – Twelfth Night. Walking in staring at the bright lights, as we entered in an extreme rush (late ofcourse),running to secure a place right there staring forward stage right. The sky above was gleaming colours of dark blue, sprinkled with bright stars, all looking down upon the wooden platform, the doors. Every second counting down to something amazing. Although as late as it was, there was still something about this night that stated clearly it was going […]

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Release Date! APRIL 1st 2016

        So I have finally set a date to start posting regularly and explore more things I’ve wanted to do with this blog. I’ve totally been procrastinating, being scared to start but theres so only so much waddling I can do near the shallow end before its finally time to take that dive (pool reference for you all because I am deathly afraid of water) More to come but I  honestly can’t wait to get started on some awesome adventures and let you know all about […]

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My first week at University

   So last week was my first week of Uni. To be completely honest part of me was bored with the holidays and keen to get back into some routine. Man was I mistaken! Come friday I was so exhausted my legs were struggling to climb three stairs, I was breathing barely… and not to mention chugging back cups of coffee, ice coffee, mocha and whatever else till I was ready to insert a IV line and pump the stuff right in. I now have a bunch of readings […]

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