Here is me on Dialysis. This was a very short time ago and something that I had been doing for nearly 10 years as my kidneys decided to quit on me during the peak of my teenage years. I am now the lucky recipient of a second kidney transplant ready to begin my new life and make the most of the greatest gift I could have ever been blessed with.

I am now on high levels of immunosuppression, have recently developed diabetes and learning a whole new array of steps I have to take to maintain a healthy position-  procedures and steps that are the complete opposite to my life before transplant. I am starting this blog with the intention of sharing my journey as I learn more about my body and the importance of health/wellbeing.

My aim is to share the hard parts and the triumphs in the hope to help those that may also face this journey or to inspire others to take care of themselves and never let anything get in the way of their hopes/goals and dreams.

Together who knows what we may achieve.


Watch this space for :

  1. health tips
  2. exercises
  3. meal plans