The greatest gift and Pre-admission to Hospital

23rd July 2017: Pre-admission + the kidney chain + surprise throat infections

I packed my bags, some books and a whole bunch of crap that I basically never touched anxiously waiting to get this whole thing on the road. So the real question was and will always be= who donated their kidney to me? The answer= I have no clue. It was actually a type of chain..   It involved 4 people, 2 kidneys, 2 planes and the longest day of my life (intrigued yet?!).

Two sisters holding hands

So here is what was about to happen in the next day. My friend wanted to donate her kidney to me, so she kick-started this amazing journey. We did alot of tests that took nearly a year and we found out that my blood does not really like hers very much and would not in any shape or form accept it. This meant she could not donate her kidney to me. But brave as she is she decided to sign us up for a program called the kidney exchange program. With this program, I could receive a kidney from someone that I DO match with and in exchange, she would donate to someone that needed a kidney but didnt match with their own potiential donor (Confusing= yes).

Simple terms: my friend donates to a recipient and their friend (or family) donates to me. 

Now I have to say that this was all through the push and willingness of my angel friend, truthfully this time last year I had given up hopes of getting a kidney and had accepted that dialysis would be the extent of my kidney life but she has given me a type of hope that I can only wish others experience. A type of hope that makes you want to live a little more, set goals, try harder and dream bigger.

This friend of mine started the whole transplant ball game rolling again and never looked back. She is without a doubt the strongest and most inspiring person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and befriending. I won’t go into too much detail just as of yet as to who she is or what led to her strange involvement but for now just know you should have faith in humanity because seriously angels do exist. 

I can now safely say that regardless of whether or not the transplant was going to happen the idea that someone was willing to give a part of themselves (literally) to save my life confuses me to a standstill. I probably will never be able to describe how truly grateful and humble it makes you and how now suddenly little things seem to not matter anymore. Even if the transplant fails I want to the type of person that this girl sees in me, I want to show her and everyone else that I can be someone great and I won’t waste this opportunity I will make her gift 110% worth it.


So the day came where we both would be admitted for 24 hour observation and monitoring, blood tests and boredom. Amazingly you can spend 5-10 years patiently waiting for a kidney but that last 24 hours almost rips you into shreds. The entire time I was pinching myself questioning whether this was really about to happen and if I really deserve to be the person on the receiving end. In terms of what happened that day – frankly, nothing. I was quite sick though, ofcourse my body did its usual tricks and decided to reward me with a nasty cold just before the biggest day of my life.

So just to make my life more interesting (because my life is filled with spontaneity and change) – the night ended with scary talk of cancelling the transplant to accommodate the bacteria festering in my throat….

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