A donor’s story: Continued…

Day Two – Three: 

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I drifted in and out of consciousness... After buzzing the nurses over and over again about my pain, I finally found out that there had been some kind of mix up and someone didn’t give me the pain pump I was supposed to come out of surgery with. That explained the pain. After hours of waiting they eventually brought me the pump but I didn’t find it did anything for me. I think I had gone too long without it.

The rest of the night and the next few days honestly all blended together. I couldn’t fall asleep for four days. I honestly felt I was on the verge of going crazy and I missed my sleep so much. No matter how hard I tried or how many pills they gave me, I just couldn’t fall asleep. I remember having a few problems with the catheter getting blocked and when they took it out the first time I just couldn’t pee so they had to put it back in.

Between resting and napping, Denny and I managed a couple of visits to each other’s rooms. It was funny when I got up and go for walks I would have a burst of energy one minute and then by the time I got to Denny’s room I was absolutely exhausted and didn’t know if I’d be able to hobble back to my room. It was honestly amazing to share the time in hospital with Denny and go and visit her and vent about the latest pains and updates. Looking back now I actually really miss the time in hospital and wish we had a bit longer there just to rest and hang out.


Day four:

On Thursday, the fourth day, an angel nurse came to visit. I still don’t know if she was real, but she sat by my bed four what felt like an hour and talked to me in the sweetest voice and reassured me what an amazing gift I had given and that I would start to feel better soon, and just to close my eyes and fall asleep. And so I did. And when I woke up on Friday morning I felt amazing, just instantly better. It’s amazing what a bit of sleep can do!


Leaving the hospital:

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On Friday morning my nurse said to me that I could go home that day as long as I could pee and poop after the catheter was out. A very determined me managed to do just that so I got the all clear to go home with a huge bag full of lots of different pain relief and anti-nausea medication. I was definitely still pretty sore and couldn’t walk too far without help, but I couldn’t wait to go home and start my recovery. I was thrilled to find out that Denny would also be going home that day so we said our goodbyes and sent each other on our way, ready for the next step getting settled back at home and into a new normality.


Nearly 10 months of tests and just like that….. I  was one kidney less and someone out there hopefully, is saved 




A Donors Story: “Today I donated my kidney”

To celebrate three months post surgery I have put together a special series of posts. Ready to hear what it’s like to donate a kidney? Our author is Leah,  the amazing girl who donated her kidney to a stranger- so that I would receive a kidney from someone else. Have a read of her first days in hospital.  Stay tuned for the rest of her story then FOLLOWING is my four days post-surgery. Thanks for sharing your ‘donor story’ Leah! – Denny    PART ONE: The First Two days […]

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One Month and Three Kidneys Later…

Waking up in ICU The lights were quite dim and I could only hear slight voices in the far distance, something about lungs. lungs… right lung…? slow…? collapsed…? While I sat there racking my brain, didn’t I have a kidney transplant?  What lungs, whats going on? eyes closed. Pain. More pain. I was drifting in and out of consciousness up in the highest room of the hospital, the ICU (intensive care unit) which is where all transplant patients are sent to spend their first few hours bonding with their […]

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Day of surgery: See you on the other side

24th July 2017: Flying Kidneys + My big break  So the day had finally come, nearly 10 years of dialysis, over 50 surgeries later and I was finally ready for the biggest day of my life.The entire night before I couldn’t sleep, I kept waking up and forgetting where I was and then panicking and trying to sleep some more.Saying goodbye to my old life and hello to freedom  The First Operations: 6.30am – So first my friend, Leah (my angel donor) woke up at 6.30am, and got prepped and […]

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The greatest gift and Pre-admission to Hospital

23rd July 2017: Pre-admission + the kidney chain + surprise throat infections I packed my bags, some books and a whole bunch of crap that I basically never touched anxiously waiting to get this whole thing on the road. So the real question was and will always be= who donated their kidney to me? The answer= I have no clue. It was actually a type of chain..   It involved 4 people, 2 kidneys, 2 planes and the longest day of my life (intrigued yet?!). So here is what was about […]

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Day Four: Counting down my days on dialysis

So currently sitting on a couch (that’s me ^), on what could possibly be the second to last dialysis session I have before next week’s ‘big event’. So I’ve decided that before I go any further I have to tell you all a little bit about my dialysis machine. Apologies if this sounds like a lesson in biology and chemistry, I’ve made it as simple as I can. WHY DO I NEED DIALYSIS? A dialysis machine in simple terms replacing SOME of the functions of our kidneys for people […]

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DAY ONE: A second chance at life.

So I am back, charged up and it’s time for some BIG NEWS, and BIG CHANGES. But first a short story: Initially, I started this blog with no purpose, I was forced by friends to go public and attempt blogging properly considering the numerous times I tried and failed with other blogs. Given my lack of purpose, I never spent much time working on posts, or editing photos let alone regularly posting. But someone told me once that I was in a position where I needed something from the […]

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Planning for Malaysia

TWO WEEKS TO GO TILL MALAYSIA! Its now less than two weeks till I embark on a trip that I have been waiting for a very long time. Truth be told the ambition was never to go to Malaysia as such, but rather to finally have an overseas trip purely to travel and explore. The excitement has been building up for the past 6 months, and finally when its come the time to get ready… I’ve been swamped with work that’s slowly making the excitement of Kuala Lumpur seem distant […]

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Day Trip #2: Hunua Falls

So been a while since I actually posted, purely because I’ve been trying so hard to get through everything I want to do before summer ends before I post about it all. But I have been good, healthy and extremely BUSY!  Since I’ve last posted, I’ve been around New Zealand, done some wicked adventuring and finished another law paper at summer school and begun an internship Among all of these happenings I’ve managed somehow to get through my very long list of things to do for this summer holidays, […]

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Day trip #1: Awhitu Lighthouse, Auckland

  If money is currently an issue and time is of value, don’t be scared to explore your backyard instead of sitting around complaining about your friends that are headed Thailand or USA. Trust me, New Zealand has some exciting gems–> So my plan while I wait on a very long kidney transplant list is to see what NZ has to offer. I had heard about this lighthouse near Waiuku a while ago and after attempting to plan a trip to go there for a couple months nothing really was […]

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