Two sisters holding hands

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others- Gandhi

Often we are stuck in our own lives and mostly that is what we are taught to do from young is to focus on achieving and being something. That competition has driven us to be mostly self-centered and striving to achieve our own goals.

The sad reality is how beyond our own dreams and aspirations is someone else’s, chances are they don’t have the ability or resources to do so. Myself personally I want to do something, and chances are so many people feel the same way, we just aren’t sure how to do it- where to start- who to help- where we can be needed. I don’t think as humans we are as individualistic as we believe we are, but that inside us our core is positive and one for the collective mankind. I’m probably not even sure who I am and to follow this concept means to try get active and find something to do.

So in saying that lets try find ways to help people, or do something so at least we can say somewhere somehow we made some difference somewhere one day.