Tips to-do: how to make them worthwhile

to do list image

With mid-terms around the corner and stressing me out. I am needed to do more things with little time. I’ve done some research and mostly found in terms of organising a persons day there are many ways to do so but there’s one way I encourage for everyone to try. I tested this out on my mother and even she got more things done in half a day at home than ever before!—> mother tested =  full proof.

The way to do things, is to set up a proper to do list. Seems easy enough and most of us do it already except we don’t actually follow it to the extent of completion. Often we stat making one, do a whole bunch of other things and then are stuck feeling guilty about our lack of work done.. so what do we do? We end up re-writing a new list to make ourselves feel better.

My way is to make the list as user friendly as possible and as guilt-free too. The way to do it is to list basically everything you have to do on the list right down to ‘wash hair’ ‘shower’ ‘eat breakfast’, putting your daily ‘must-dos” means that you ofcourse have things to tick off to make the list seem used.
Secondly, break your work down into about 4-5 sub to-do’s.

where write an essay is one task spilt the task into the relevant sections

‘write an essay’ becomes–> ‘write introduction’ ‘write 1st para’ ‘second para’ ‘reference list’

This way as you progress through the essay you have something to tick off, and you wind up getting more done by the end of the day even if you don’t finish it, because you slowly tick one part off rather than writing just the essay question and feeling upset you didn’t get enough done.

The downfall is your list does seem mountainous but with simple smaller tasks by the end of the day more things are ticked off. You wind up feeling accomplished. Im the type of idiot that even goes as far as writing things I have already done down and ticking it while shouting “CHECK!” – if you watch Friends you will know I am a classic Monica/Ross.

have a go and tell me how much you get done.

there writing this post can now be ticked off my list – CHECCCKKK!!

okay you… back to it,