My first week at University

IMG_7359 So last week was my first week of Uni. To be completely honest part of me was bored with the holidays and keen to get back into some routine. Man was I mistaken! Come friday I was so exhausted my legs were struggling to climb three stairs, I was breathing barely… and not to mention chugging back cups of coffee, ice coffee, mocha and whatever else till I was ready to insert a IV line and pump the stuff right in.
I now have a bunch of readings to do, lectures to catch up on that I failed to attend due to sleep requirements.. oops 😉
I now find that the way to get through the first week of pushing past first years and being hoarded by club execs, is to focus on the fact that the first week is always actually supposed to be easiest. But everyone forgets that in the first week is the even sadder struggle of locating a friend in your new classes.
Since high school we have not known how to make friends, how to go from that one time you sat next to each other to meeting up for coffee, and sharing notes. If I ever work out the least awkward way to go about this I will gladly share.

For now however its back to the mountains of readings gracing my glass desk.

goodbye folks.