Status Report 2021

Hi there,

I would like to re-introduce myself because I feel as though I have disappeared for a while there. This past year has been both scary and unpredictable and I have neglected to do the one thing I wanted to – report on all the craziness. So I thought I would start with re-introducing myself, summarizing my latest news before I get back into more storytelling.

My name is Denisha (Denny) and I am a 26 year old lawyer from New Zealand currently carving out a new path in Indianapolis, US of A. I have kidney failure and diabetes along with about 10 other health complications that seem to creep up here and there. I have three kidneys, two natural ones that do not work and then one from an anonymous donor that keeps me going and has done since 2017.

After receiving the transplant, things in my life went from mildly crazy to absolutely mind blowingly nuts. How? Well I went from doing hemodialysis at home for 12 hours a week to suddenly having a new found freedom which has led me to want to dive into anything and everything. This freedom has brought me from one country to the next and now navigating a new life while being immunocompromised. For me the game is still the same but someone went along and changed all the rules, overnight. To be honest even after 4 years with this kidney, I cannot say confidently that I know what I am doing yet.

Since the last time I wrote, a lot of things took place and I have been wreaking my brain wondering how to restarting writing and where to begin. So let me quickly summarize:

  1. March 2020 – Covid-19 started to became increasingly scary and through a mixture of fear and recklessness my boyfriend and I decided to risk it all and venture to New Zealand to try life out there. He was surprisingly given a temporary work visa as New Zealand is pretty fair in that couples who live together should stay together i.e because we lived together in the US, he could come home with me.
  2. May 2020– I graduated with my Masters in Law, once again missed my graduation ceremony as it was cancelled due to Covid. I pray I get to attend one graduation in my lifetime.
  3. July 2020 – I quit the first proper job I was about to start in the US. We packed our bags and left in a hurry. New Zealand had changed, Covid-19 NZ was a unique experience, everyday felt like walking on thin ice never knowing what we would deal with next. We completed managed isolation in a hotel for two weeks (didn’t kill each other) and were released into a safe haven at the corner of the world.
  4. July – April 2021 – We ended up spending about 9 covid-19 free months in beautiful New Zealand filled with friends, fun, festivals and food. I promise to tell you more about everything you can and should do in Aotearoa. I almost forgot about the virus because things were so great over there and I couldn’t be more thankful to have a home like this to go back to.
  5. April 2021– Despite my best efforts I didn’t save barely anything while working in NZ and as my visa for the US was about to expire we had to think quick about our next move. So we braved the elements and were back on a plane. I was miraculously hired via a zoom interview and started this new job at a firm in Indianapolis.
  6. April 2021- my body started giving me a scare, my left lower abdomen (where my kidney transplant is) was aching tremendously and no one could work out why. This led me to a stay at Middlemore hospital where they found that I had torn a muscle but through testing, and some luck, they also found that my immunosuppressed body contained some pre- cancerous cells which needed attention- quickly.
  7. July 2021- The biggest decision of my life came to fruition, deciding to move and give this America thing a real try has been wild. We settled into a new apartment, new jobs, got vaccinated (3 times!), did about 10,000 covid tests and made my second biggest decision, found our new puppy, named him Blue.
  8. August 2021– I quickly completed two surgeries to remove all the cancerous cells successfully, but through a faulty IV line during my second operation I ended up with a blood clot that formed from my left arm into my chest. If you know me then you know that things going wrong like this is not uncommon it is almost expected. I rushed to ED two times during this ordeal after the blood clot started giving me chest pains but thankfully have been doing okay since. I think the blood clot is gone now (I think).
  9. September 2021– someone in the office I work with tested positive for Covid-19 and as I am a magnet for all things, I ofcourse tested positive a couple days later. Spent 14 days at home, if I am being honest I felt fine and was unsure how I even tested positive! All hail the Covid Vaccine.
  10. October 2021- I realized I am paying a lot for this website and have decided to start writing again about all the adventures and craziness that make up my days.
  11. Coming up – the blood clot I had/have has apparently was an indication that I have some narrow veins in my left arm leading to my heart. So next up- an appointment with a vascular surgeon!

Wow what a lot to stomach. Now you can forgive me for not writing sooner. Hope you enjoyed my oversharing summarizing of the last 18 months. Now that I have you all caught up we can get into the nitty gritty of all the fun that took place. Looking forward to more adventures. p.s. I am completely fine, no major health issues now and back at work.

Yours truly


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