Planning for Malaysia

flight plan


Its now less than two weeks till I embark on a trip that I have been waiting for a very long time. Truth be told the ambition was never to go to Malaysia as such, but rather to finally have an overseas trip purely to travel and explore. The excitement has been building up for the past 6 months, and finally when its come the time to get ready… I’ve been swamped with work that’s slowly making the excitement of Kuala Lumpur seem distant and impossible.
I am waiting anxiously to hit all the airports on my journey out of NZ and to know that no essay or case study is haunting over my head waiting to be completed.
ALTHOUGH… to get there I still have two weeks ahead of me, some client cross examinations, a couple assignments and lets just throw in a 30% test on evidence in a courtroom.

This particular trip is incredible because not only am I going to experience a wedding, new food, but also a new hospital with presumably a friendly team. (Always looking for new people to share some weird memories with)

For me to travel it takes quite a large range of things and after months of saying “I cant do it” I’ve realised that I have been placing these limits on myself rather than grasping opportunities and trying. But as it is the new year and I am trying to push my limits I made my checklist for Malaysia and managed to get everything set…

Things I had to do to get to KL:

  1. Key thing is find a safe and secure hospital that has space for me to complete kidney dialysis (cleanliness is key)
  2. Source helpful doctors and nurses willing to take on a rebellious kiwi girl
  3. Convincing my NZ medical team that I am healthy, happy and fit to travel (luckily they would do anything to get rid of me)
  4. Taking my tonsils out (get all surgeries out of the way- most painful part of this intrepid journey)
  5. Possess significant and perfect blood results for several months (if you have any medical issue you will understand this is a real tiresome mission.
  6. Secure place near dialysis centre in KL
  7. Book Tickets
  8. about 100 blood tests all in between that (goodbye arms)

Rough time to plan: 6-8 months

Time of travel: 2-3 weeks 

All of it may seem like alot for one small trip to Malaysia.

But there is something that is missing, the fact that although this all had to be done, the trip is possible and it could be preemptive to say but so far its been a success. Normally this list of things would put me off and leave me sitting in a rutt jealous that other people get to go places and I do not but having done it all the trip now means so much more.

It shows how if you really want to do something or make a change you can. It also shows that often it is only ourselves preventing ourselves from achieving things.. I can guarantee if your list to achieve a goal doesn’t require you to have open mouth surgery you are far better off than I am.

This trip is definitely going on my ‘things I have done list’ –> this is my new rendition of the ‘bucket list’

[I’ve realised that having a bucket list is something every person should do although there is a downside to it, we believe that things ‘will happen’ eventually no one actually plans to ‘kick the bucket’ tomorrow, therefore we write this list and expect that ONE DAY you may achieve those goals. New motto should be to stop talking about things we want to do but instead DO IT then talk about it afterwards.]

14 days and waiting..
Promise when I get back I will blog regularly and tell you what I got up to + tell you what amazing things are up and coming for 2017.

best wishes