Day Trip #2: Hunua Falls

So been a while since I actually posted, purely because I’ve been trying so hard to get through everything I want to do before summer ends before I post about it all. But I have been good, healthy and extremely BUSY! 16880342_10209898875682110_1665405613_o

Since I’ve last posted, I’ve been around New Zealand, done some wicked adventuring and finished another law paper at summer school and begun an internship

Among all of these happenings I’ve managed somehow to get through my very long list of things to do for this summer holidays, things such as bungee jump and get on a plane and cut and dye my hair.

Early on though I decided that there was alot of places in my home town that I have not yet ventured to or spent enough time at. One of these places, which is only less than 30 min from where I live was Hunua Falls. I figured its about time that I not only went there, but made a list of places similar to this nearby or a couple hours away and dragged my friends to. Amazingly without having left the country and being a dialysis patient these past four months have been incredible and exciting and I’ve never been still for more than two days, and THIS I AM BEGINNING TO LOVE.

Previously I’ve held myself back, continuously told myself that heck my time will come, things will start eventually. It took a lot of serious moments dealing with some serious issues that have made me realise that if I keep on waiting things are just never going to start happening for me. And that if I don’t make an effort now, I may miss some huge opportunities.

Sorry to make this deep and meaningful, it was just a small day trip to the local waterfall, but hey if it makes you grow a little then it was a trip worth doing.

So my challenge for you readers is to do the same, understand that this is IT. New Motto: “dream like you live forever and live as if you die tomorrow”. Think about places you want to go, things you have always wanted to do but never really found the time or the money to do and set some little goals to get there. Make a jar or a bank account, save some coinage and plan that trip, finish that book, walk up that mountain, take that class and kiss that stranger 😉

I myself wanted to go to a few places – little day trips- and have set out to do so. Normally I would want to go places stay there and travel the world but cause my lack of organs is holding me back .. for now it’s paradise NZ that I want to explore before I pack my bags and leave for good! 16931089_10209898937363652_1050521465_o

Hunua falls is super close to main city Auckland, has a slight hint of rural driving and a magical walk to do when you get there. The ducks were the main highlight and for some odd reason when we went there was no one there and honestly, it was awesome! Will come back with some more posts, planning Christchurch, Dunedin and Malaysia in the near future + some new updates with health and uni. 🙂

Will share more soon, 



Rough Travel time: 46 min from Central Auckland.

Tips from the team:  Pack some lunch but be weary there are alot of hungry ducks waddling around!