Day trip #1: Awhitu Lighthouse, Auckland

Awhitu 4


If money is currently an issue and time is of value, don’t be scared to explore your backyard instead of sitting around complaining about your friends that are headed Thailand or USA. Trust me, New Zealand has some exciting gems–> So my plan while I wait on a very long kidney transplant list is to see what NZ has to offer.

I had heard about this lighthouse near Waiuku a while ago and after attempting to plan a trip to go there for a couple months nothing really was happening. Since I have finally decided to actually do the things I talk about it seemed like a good start to begin with a short but amazing trip.

We headed for Awhitu quite late in the morning not realising the place isn’t as close as I had initially thought.

Its around the south of Waiuku but funnily enough still in Auckland- according to Snapchat. The lighthouse itself was incredible , the views on the peninsula were amazing and the wind was at its peak. I would highly recommend as a day trip for you to check it out and trust in the GPS when it says take a turn you probably wouldn’t take to get there.


Funnily enough, heading back home my phone battery was quickly descending and therefore the GPS was struggling to pinpoint where we were, so we had to use our poor memory to guide us home. Ended up making a few right but mostly wrong turns and spent alot longer in Waiuku than was previous expected.

All in all they often say “its all about the journey not the destination” so for this experience which I am sure to remember I give it a thumps up and highly recommend for anyone looking for something to do around Auckland with minimal effort.


Look forward to more,


Overlooking the harbour

Rough Travel time: 1  1/2 hours – 2 Hours from Central Auckland.

Things to consider: Wind= take a jacket that’ll protect from the hectic winds and potiential coastal water sprays.

Tips from the team:  At occasional points, service gets lost… so be prepared. Also check out the small town of Waiuku and its quaint shops.

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