Summer Daze..

Summer has begun

Finally, after waiting anxiously for a very long time freedom has graced me with its presence. This year without a doubt has been one of the hardest tests Ive faced, with various learning curves each month that has made me openly question alot of things around me.Its made me realise that there is alot of things that you cannot control but that in the process of a routine and mundane lifestyle we forget that theres alot of things we actually do have control over but never grasp such opportunities. Things such as seeing what the world is like, engaging in helping other people, putting ourselves out there to try new things, taste new adventures.

So with such a realization I ofcourse have to do something about it! I’ve decided to start making progress on some of the many ‘bucket lists’ I have. I’m literally 7 days away from turning 22 and my 12 year old self would kick me

realising that at a week before my 22nd birthday the things I have wanted to achieve are yet to be attempted. So many people I know travel far and wide to come to New Zealand (where I live) to see the amazing beauty this place holds, sadly for me I am yet to see what this paradise has to offer.

As I am waiting on the kidney transplant list its better for me to stay in the country before I venture out and potentially miss a huge opportunity. So therefore with all this in mind I figured this summer I am going to try see as much as I can of this wondrous place and share it on the blog to encourage people like myself to go out and experience our backyard. My aim is is to inspire people that feel things are not in their control and show them how to get back their independence to achieve their goals and make it a goal to help others achieve theirs!

Wish me luck!