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My second year heading to Hamilton with all the law students…

This time the drinking was slightly less than the last year, the sports were actually entertaining and the spirit was fierce. Everyone was dressed in their best ‘american’ themed outfits, myself and my band of losers we decided to be cowboys and cowgirls, sporting plaid shirts and short-shorts.. note .. this barely fit my exponentially growing ass.

Before I explain what actually occurred that night it’s best to explain what this Log-o Wood event really is. Basically, Auckland Uni law students dress wildly and drive to Hamilton to meet with other law schools from around the country for the ultimate sporting tournament resulting in of course the winners receiving a very large… seemingly pointless… piece of wood.. i mean log ;). The tradition I am sure has dated back a while and for the two years I have attended the event, Auckland Uni has always come out on top.

For those of you reading this thinking, wait I didn’t know Denny plays sports, well maybe once upon a time I graced the fields playing in the c-grade of basically all sports teams at high school but now.. no no no.. now I can barely muster enough energy to get through my daily exercise.

The sports consisted of moderately drunk people fumbling around, meaning that next year, as uncoordinated as I am… I might actually sign up and have a chance!

Getting there? The morning began much too early for my liking, being dropped at the law school at the ungodly hour of 8am. My constant complaining must not have been fun for the poor souls that decided to take me with them. This was without a doubt the best car-trip I have had in a very long time, in fact most of the best parts of the day were being stuck in a small corner of a car not fit for such a long journey. We engaged in bad singing, sleeping and drinking… much more than we should have. Note! Our driver did not have anything to drink, which you will be surprised to hear that we nearly crash about 4 times within the 1 1/2 hour trip.

The sports? Well by the time we arrived we saw about two things happening and I wasn’t even sure what was going on, but that was mostly because I was focused on some very pleasingly, beautiful boys running up and down a touch rugby field…that much I can remember 😉

What really stuck out to me was the spirit and drive of the students who unlike me weren’t thinking of the masses of readings I left back home… but rather were engaged in the atmosphere and from their chests, arms and mouths, pounded the unison beat of one group, one day, one goal… to win!
Everyone was super excited, super nice and very colourful inside and out. Not a single person felt like they didn’t belong and not a single person was left behind. Even if you didn’t like the law school, and felt slightly excluded, suddenly you loved it, and loved the people, you felt a part of something and proud to be a law lion.


I haven’t much more to say, but I wil finish with this.. I personally wouldn’t have coped a single day if I didn’t sign myself up for every single thing my schedule would, so to all the people doing degrees that don’t support your need for fun events, socialising and getting drunk, I encourage you to make sure you go out and find groups to be a part of, join clubs and be involved in all their activities. Uni doesn’t have to be somewhere you only work you butt off. Have some fun, I say its time you make the most of these painful 4 years before we are pinned behind a desk clocking in ‘work hours’.

Denny (edited)


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