A rewarding escape



Hello readers, welcome to my blog.

My name is Denisha (alias Denny), I am currently a law student, a some what environmentalist, a book buyer (not a reader), and a patient (more on that later).
I have decided to finally fulfil one of many on a list of things to do before turning 21.

The sad truth is that I have turned 21 and a lot of that list is yet to be accomplished. So to turn a new leaf, this is the beginning of the real unedited blog of my exhaustingly boring,  yet slightly entertainingly spectacular with a dash of absolute madness of a life.

This will be an insight into my attempt at trying to get through the hard parts of life, survive the crazy parts, and try to establish some brand new parts.

The goal is to challenge myself right now to do the things I’ve always wanted and stop wasting my time, cause honestly I have very little left. Maybe my solving of lives hardest questions,  my mistakes and finding answers… I can help lead you to yours.