Status Report 2021

Hi there, I would like to re-introduce myself because I feel as though I have disappeared for a while there. This past year has been both scary and unpredictable and I have neglected to do the one thing I wanted to – report on all the craziness. So I thought I would start with re-introducing […]

Countdown to 25 years and 25 ‘achievements’

It’s my crown/diamond/whatever you call it birthday on the 25th of November. Rather than be happy about it, I’ve been desperately avoiding the topic. Maybe I could be having a quarter-life crisis or something, if those are even possible, but I’m beginning to question what I’ve been doing with my life and what I should […]

A letter to my donor

  Dear Donor, I am writing this as we fast approach two years since the day you decided to give a part of yourself to me. I recently learnt something about you that honestly changed my whole perspective, not only towards my own life but towards others and the power we have to those around […]

Aiming for freedom (part one)

So through some miracle I have both landed and managed to survive for one month in this great land of America, that in itself is a true shocker. Ofcourse however to commemorate my one month here my body decided to develop an infection and send me into what the doctor described as septic shock … […]

With great “power” comes great “responsibility”

The day that I left Auckland hospital things began to immediately feel very different. I was given strict instructions: Drink roughly 3 litres of fluid (mostly water) everyday Be at Auckland Hospital everyday at 7am for daily visits to the kidney outpatient clinic Complete daily blood tests (roughly 10 tubes at the start) Become familiar with […]